In the aftermath of the War, Emanuel Cauchi, seeing the changes all around him thought of opening business in the heart of Mosta, the Pjazza, where most of the local business was and still is generated. Appropriately so, during the late 1940’s he got hold of part of the premises in Triq il-Kbira, corner with Pjazza Rotunda and opened up the place for the first time. Being a renowned Barber and Tailor he enjoyed good business for years, distinguishing himself for the perfect tailoring of hundreds of men’s caps, known better as the Maltese Berritta. The Berritta, like all other old Maltese costumes, has now faded away in time.

When Emanuel passed away in 1964, his son Joseph, himself having a different profession, kept the shop closed for a number of years, despite receiving a good number of tempting offers by various businessmen to give up the place. He always understood that the position of the property was worth more than the offers made to him and moreover would offer his three sons the opportunity to form a business of their own.

This possibility came in 1969, when Joseph with the help of his three sons Raymond, John and Stephen reopened the place but this time changing the nature of trade to Stationers and Booksellers. This new operate, which proved to be very successful, brought Joseph to think about purchasing the entire building and renovating the shop. The year 1975 saw the revitalizing of the edifice with new modern shop windows and a more open floor space, consequence of which the business kept on flourishing even better.

Ever seeing the need for development, he discussed with the tenants residing on the upper floor about the possibility of them moving house. A length of years had to pass for an agreement to be reached and for them to make way for Cauchi’s to enlarge the place.

This time it was decided to go further than just improve the premises up. Since the building itself was quite old, the management decided to demolish the whole structure and rebuild it to a more modern design. After finding a temporary site, next door, from where Cauchis Stationers could operate, the site was knocked down in 1986 and rebuilt with an extra two floors.

Having now acquired so much floor space it was agreed that besides remaining in the Stationery business they will expand into the catering business and transform the upper floors into the first cafeteria in Mosta – Pjazza Cafe’, which was opened a year later. With the courteous service, extensive menu and the dominating views of the Mosta Dome and Pjazza, this new enterprise proved to be a success with our hosts.

Notwithstanding the expenses incurred by all this restructuring of their business, when an opportunity came about for the buying of the adjoining property, making it possible yet again to double their floor space and cater for more customers, the Cauchi’s immediately grasped these circumstances, fully understanding the potential benefits. This new enlargement, finished in 1995, incurred the complete redecorating and revamping of all the floors.

Evermore continuous with their motto of constant development and expansion, along with the need to branch and diversify their businesses, the Cauchi’s had decided in 1980 to break into the field of Photography and Film Processing. Keeping determinately apace with the continuous technological developments, required huge investment in various Mini Labs, something the Cauchi’s did with resolve ness in their quest to offer a good and effective service. These Mini Labs provided a professional service of 30 minutes Film Processing, with high quality pictures, which is a complete success to all customers, especially tourists.

The arrival of the Digital technology once again forced the directors to invest and expand further in 2003. By turning the uppermost floor at Cauchi’s into an Open Film Processing Shop, Digital services are offered not only in Malta, but through Internet also all over the Globe, providing high resolution prints from all digital media and other sources.

It was to be perceived that with the introduction of the future Cauchi’s generation into the business, and at the same time comprehending their family trade motto, they would further the development and expand into other potential options.

This has come true once again, as now, conceiving and understanding the need for constant diversification and regeneration has seen the Cauchi’s taking over another adjacent premises to open up a Bookshop in 2008, another first for Mosta, offering a wide-range of books, from paperbacks to more specific topics.

This new extension at the same time provided new space within their present Stationery thus giving the Cauchi’s the opportunity to endorse their 1969 roots of specializing in Stationery and Books.

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